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Board of Directors
John N. Kapoor, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board

Dr. Kapoor has served as the Chairman of our Board since October 1990. Dr. Kapoor served as our interim Chief Executive Officer from March 2001 to May 2002 and as our Chief Executive Officer from May 2002 to December 2002. Dr. Kapoor is the President of EJ Financial Enterprises, Inc. (a health care consulting and investment company). Dr. Kapoor is the chairman of the board of directors of NeoPharm, Inc. (a biopharmaceutical company). Under agreements between us and the John N. Kapoor Trust dated 9/20/89 (the "Kapoor Trust"), the beneficiary and sole trustee of which is Dr. John N. Kapoor, our Chairman of the Board, the Kapoor Trust is entitled to designate one individual to be nominated and recommended by our Board for election as a director. Dr. Kapoor was designated by the Kapoor Trust for this purpose prior to our 2010 annual meeting.

Kenneth S. Abramowitz

Mr. Abramowitz is a co-founder and Managing General Partner of NGN Capital. He joined NGN Capital from The Carlyle Group in New York where he was Managing Director from 2001 to 2003, focused on U.S. buyout opportunities in the healthcare industry. Prior to that, Mr. Abramowitz worked as an Analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Company where he covered the medical supply, hospital management and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) industries for 23 years. Mr. Abramowitz earned a B.A. from Columbia University in 1972 and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School in 1976. Mr. Abramowitz currently sits on the Board of Directors of EKOS Corporation, OptiScan Biomedical Corporation, MultiPlan Acquisition Holdings, Cerapedics, Inc., Valtech Cardio and Small Bone Innovations, Inc. He previously served as a Director at Option Care, Inc., Sightline Technologies Ltd and Power Medical Interventions, as well as MedPointe and ConnectiCare Holdings, Inc.

Adrienne L. Graves, Ph.D.,

Dr. Graves is a visual scientist by training and a global industry leader in ophthalmology. From 2002 to 2010, she was President and Chief Executive Officer of Santen Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. She joined Santen Inc. in 1995 as Vice President of Clinical Affairs to initiate the company's clinical development efforts in the U.S. Prior to joining Santen Inc., Dr. Graves spent nine years with Alcon Laboratories, Inc. in various roles. She currently serves on the Boards of TearLab Corporation, Encore Vision, the American Academy of Ophthalmology Foundation, the Pan-American Ophthalmology Foundation, the American Association for Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the Glaucoma Research Foundation, KeepYourSight Foundation, the Corporation Committee for the Brown University Medical School, and the Advisory Board for Amach Capital Partners. Dr. Graves also co-founded Ophthalmic Women Leaders and Glaucoma 360. She received her B.A. in Psychology with honors from Brown University, her Ph.D. in Psychobiology from the University of Michigan and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in visual neuroscience at the University of Paris.

Ronald M. Johnson

Mr. Johnson was appointed a director by the Board in May 2003. Mr. Johnson was Executive Vice President of The Lewin Group, a subsidiary of Quintiles Transnational, Inc., which provides various healthcare consulting services to state and federal governments, healthcare insurers and healthcare institutions. Prior to joining The Lewin Group, Mr. Johnson served as Executive Vice President of Quintiles Consulting, a business unit of Quintiles Transnational, Inc. from 1997 to 2006. Quintiles Consulting provides consulting services to the pharmaceutical, medical device, biologic and biotechnology industries in their efforts to meet the United States Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") regulatory requirements. Mr. Johnson also spent 30 years with the FDA, holding various senior level positions primarily in the compliance and enforcement areas. Since retiring from The Lewin Group in September 2007, Mr. Johnson continues to provide consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biologics and medical device industries on FDA regulatory requirements.

Steven J. Meyer

Mr. Meyer was appointed a director by the Board in June 2009. Since 2005, Mr. Meyer has served as the Chief Financial Officer of JVM Realty, a private firm specializing in the acquisition, re-positioning and management of multi-family housing for qualified investors. Mr. Meyer sits on the Board of Directors for INSYS Therapeutics. Mr. Meyer also served as the Corporate Treasurer and International Controller and VP of Global Operations during a 23-year career at Baxter International, Inc.

Terry A. Rappuhn

Ms. Rappuhn was appointed a director by the Board in April 2015. Ms. Rappuhn was the Chief Financial Officer of Quorum Health Group, Inc. and previously served as Vice President, Controller and Assistant Treasurer as well as Vice President of Internal Audit. Prior to Quorum Health Group, Ms. Rappuhn worked in Ernst & Young’s audit practice for more than 15 years. Ms. Rappuhn also served on the boards of AGA Medical Holdings, Inc., where she was the board’s audit committee chairperson and Genesis HealthCare Corporation, where she was the board’s audit committee chairperson and a member of the compliance and compensation committees.

Brian Tambi

Mr. Tambi was appointed a director by the Board in June 2009. Since August 2006, Mr. Tambi has served as the Chairman of the Board, President & CEO of BrianT Laboratories and has been a member of the Board of Directors of Insys Therapeutics since July 2007. From November 1995 to July 2006, Mr. Tambi was the Chairman of the Board, President & CEO of Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of oral liquid and topical pharmaceuticals. Mr. Tambi has over 30 years of executive management experience with companies such as IVAX Corporation, Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Company USA, LyphoMed Inc., and Bristol-Myers International Group. EJ Funds nominated Mr. Tambi to serve on the Board of Directors pursuant to its rights under the April 13, 2009 Modification, Warrant and Investor Rights Agreement with EJ Funds that, among other things, granted EJ Funds the right to require us to nominate two directors to serve on our Board of Directors.

Alan Weinstein

Mr. Weinstein was appointed a director by the Board in July 2009. Since 2000, Mr. Weinstein has provided consulting services to supplier clients in the areas of hospital organization, hospital operations, and working with group purchasing organizations. Previously Mr. Weinstein was the Founder and President of Premier, Inc., a national organization which provides various shared services to member hospitals. Mr. Weinstein serves as a director on the boards of Precyse, SutureExpress, Vascular Pathways and Open Markets.